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our decks
allow you

  • actively spending free time with family or other board sports enthusiasts (reference to communities – longboard, snowboarding, surfing on Facebook)
  • quick and pleasant movement around a crowded city, e.g. to the university or to work (unlike inline skates or a bicycle with a longboard, you will quickly get to the bus, subway, office, shop …)
  • practicing the entire range of board sports at different times of the year.

our boards
for everyone

If you’ve ever heard that board sports are extreme, dangerous and difficult disciplines, Wojtek OnBoard Tools breaks these stereotypes.

Wojtek will safely lead you into a world where you set your limits yourself. For some it will be a peaceful recreation, for others it will be adrenaline.

Wojtek makes sports such as longboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountainboarding, surfing, kitesurfing activities for people of all ages regardless of predispositions thanks to products that facilitate learning.

why it’s wort
to start

Skateboarding is associated with the most pleasant feeling in the world … a feeling of freedom in symbiosis with nature, independence and full control over the direction in which you are going. This feeling is known only to those who have mastered the ride on long boards … on snow, on water or on wheels.

Our goal is for everyone to be able to experience this feeling, so thanks to Wojtek OnBoard Tools we make skateboarding easy to master:

  • in the shortest possible time
  • by people of all ages
  • at the lowest cost.

Since the beginning of our existence as the founders of the organization, we have struggled with the problem of unavailability of teaching aids on the market suitable for our pro-ecological, pro-social and pro-economic projects.

For several years, as part of social activities, we have been improving fast, safe and inexpensive methods of teaching skateboarding, supporting ourselves with tools constructed with our own hands.

only natural materials

For the sake of the environment, all our products are made of natural materials. At the same time, they are characterized by excellent durability and resistance to weather conditions.

our foundation recommends

Thousands of people have already benefited from individual and group lessons run by our OnBoard Foundation. Wojtek’s prototypes helped them successfully master the ride.


We care for the quality of WOJTEK OnBoard Tools products at every stage of production: from careful selection of materials, through precise workmanship, to detailed quality control.

Wojtek i

inne sporty

Wojtek OnBoard Tools products develop and improve the control of the center of gravity, which significantly affects the sense of balance. During trainings with Wojtek OnBoard Tools, the brain is stimulated to transfer information faster to the muscles to keep the whole body in the right position.

During training, not only the lower but also the upper muscle works. Only the coordination of the whole body allows you to control the center of gravity and avoid losing balance. Trainings with the use of our devices motivate to proper muscle tension and effective physical effort.

Simultaneous control of mind, muscles and overall body balance guarantee better results in all sports known to us … even sitting down in chess you can lose your untrained balance, fall down and find yourself under the table;)

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